Sure - Canadian Substance Use Resource and Knowledge Exchange Centre

Above all, best practices for honouring and recognising the contributions of PWUD should always be driven by PWUD themselves.

This report is a summary of key findings of a national community-based research project to identify existing and emerging best practices in respecting the expertise of people who use(d) drugs (PWUD). It is our hope that by identifying best practices in equitable, meaningful, and respectful, engagement of PWUD, we will provide PWUD a solid evidence base from which to advocate for better inclusion in programs, policies, protocols, and initiatives. This document will also provide a framework for organizations to reflect on policies, practices, and structures and adapt to what is heard by the knowledge, perspectives, and expertise that PWUD share in this document. Ultimately, CAPUD seeks to uphold PWUD human rights at all costs to ensure equitable and just opportunities within program and policy domains that affect their lives.

The practices described in this report were gathered from people who use illegal drugs, working in the harm reduction field and/or participating in drug policy conferences, meetings, and/or other related events, as well as representatives from organizations which convene conferences, meetings, and events.

Authors: Natasha Touesnard, San Patten, Jenn McCrindle, Michael Nurse, Shay Vanderschaeghe, Wyatt Noel, Joshua Edward & Marie-Anik Blanchet-Gagnon