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Join us for our webinar series as we discuss current and emerging topics in substance use. This series is primarily intended for professionals working to protect and promote the health, wellness, and safety of people who use substances. 

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Our Most Recent Webinar

Involuntary Stabilization Care of Youth Who Overdose: More Harm than Good (Part 2) 

In February 2021, the Harm Reduction Nurses Association and CPHA presented a webinar on proposed amendments to British Columbia’s Mental Health Act that would allow for involuntary, hospital-based stabilization care of youth following an overdose (Bill 22), and discussed the potential harms and disproportionate impacts Bill 22 could have on youth and ethical issues associated with detention-based treatment. This follow-up panel discussion broadened the discussion to include additional perspectives from youth, families, advocates and academics. The presentations and discussion highlighted a range of perspectives on involuntary stabilization care and shared insights on efforts to support youth who use drugs.

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The presenters for this webinar were Kali Sedgemore; President of the Coalition of Peers Dismantling the Drug War (CPDDW), Petra Schulz; Co-Founder of Moms Stop the Harm, Jessica Key; Registered Nurse and Master of Science student at the University of British Columbia, and Laura Johnston; Legal Director of Health Justice.

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