Sure - Canadian Substance Use Resource and Knowledge Exchange Centre

This report presents findings from a peer-led engagement initiative focused on examining the relationship between healthcare providers and young people, aged 18-30, who use drugs in Canada. Written by young people who use drugs (YPWUD), this report aims to shed light on the challenges faced by YPWUD when accessing healthcare services and to propose strategies to foster more meaningful and supportive connections between YPWUD and healthcare providers. This report was written with a multidisciplinary audience in mind, primarily targetting doctors and nurses but noting that this work applies to psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors, school health workers and anyone with proximity to youth. The results of this report can be used to inform more supportive policies for young people navigating healthcare systems.

This report provides a summary and overview of the findings from a series of outreach engagements conducted by Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s (CSSDP) Get Sensible project in collaboration with the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA).