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The Cross-Cultural Harm Reduction Training Series were designed as live webinars for staff and leadership at Indigenous and ethnospecific (racialized/BIPOC) AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) in the Greater Toronto Area. Participants granted permission to share recordings with OHRN's extended network. However, discussions were not intended for the education of non-Indigenous & non-racialized learners.

There has been increasing interest from Indigenous and settler ethno-cultural HIV/AIDS organizations in learning more about the philosophy and practice of harm reduction. In August 2020, the Ontario Harm Reduction Network and Drug Culture Consultants engaged staff, peer workers, and board members at a number of ethno-cultural HIV/AIDS organizations in a three-part, interactive virtual training series. All three webinars feature people with lived experience sharing their knowledge and stories.

This is the live recordings of the first session. The content of this webinar series and its external links were current as of August 2020.