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Published: June 16, 2022

This July will mark 1 year since SURE’s official launch! To celebrate, we want to highlight some of the great new resources that have been added in 2022. Find articles, online learning modules, reports and more on topics from harm reduction and decriminalization to stigma reduction.

Explore these resources, and find many more like them by using the ‘Browse by Topics’ section or searching by resource type, topic area, or source.

  1. Harm Reduction Fact Sheet  |  Fact Sheet
    Source: Thunderbird Partnership Foundation

    Harm reduction is a way of being that helps people to reduce risks associated with substance use for themselves, their families and communities, without making people choose abstinence. Harm reduction helps restore wellness and ensures that First Nation’s right to good health is possible - it is life promotion without stigma or judgement. Download this fact sheet to learn more about harm reduction, ways it can be used, and how it relates to drug replacement therapy.

  2. Hear Us, See Us, Respect Us  |  Report
    Source: Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs (CAPUD) & Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC)

    This report is a summary of key findings of a national community-based research project to identify existing and emerging best practices in respecting the expertise of people who use(d) drugs (PWUD). This document will also provide a framework for organizations to reflect on policies, practices, and structures and adapt to what is heard by the knowledge, perspectives, and expertise that PWUD have shared. The practices described in this report were gathered from people who use illegal drugs, working in the harm reduction field and/or participating in drug policy conferences, meetings, and/or other related events, as well as representatives from organizations which convene conferences, meetings, and events.

  3. New Ways to Keep Each Other Safe in a Digital Era  |  Blog Post
    Source: Matthew Bonn

    The ways in which people buy drugs online has changed a great deal over the last 10 years. Matthew Bonn’s blog post explores ways people who use drugs in today’s digital era, in the absence of safe supply, can keep each other safe. Read the blog post here and find additional literature on this topic.

  4. LGBTQ2S Inclusion Playbook  |  Guide
    Source: The 519

    This document is the product of a long-standing collaboration between The 519 and a collection of primary healthcare and community healthcare providers in East Toronto. The Playbook is intended to support people working in acute, primary, and community health and social service environments in fostering inclusive spaces for LGBTQ2S communities and people. It provides tools, resources, and guidelines to better understand and meet the needs of LGBTQ2S people in healthcare and social service care settings.

  5. Outcomes of our Current Drug Policies  |  Video
    Source: Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

    This video by the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition describes the history of prohibition in Canada, and the current outcomes of drug policy on community violence, stigma, and poverty, specifically for marginalized populations.

  6. Harm Reduction Fundamentals  |  Online Learning Module
    Source: CATIE

    This toolkit provides foundational information on harm reduction for service providers working with people who use drugs (including support workers, outreach workers, nurses and workers with lived and living experience). The toolkit, which contains four units that can be taken individually or together, is free to access and is available to anyone to use or share for personal learning, organizational trainings and/or other capacity-building efforts. This resource is a great starting point for learning more about harm reduction and how it can be applied to your work.

  7. Stigma Online Learning  |  Online Learning Module
    Source: Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA)

    These online learning modules are part of a series on the topic of stigma and substance use. There are 3 modules in this series: The Pain of Stigma, Insights on Substance Use, and Stigma Ends With Me. Work through these modules to learn more about the concept of stigma, why it is harmful, and what tools and knowledge you need to address stigma at home, in the workplace, and in your communities.

  8. Beyond Stigma Webinar: Summary Page  |  Document
    Source: Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA)

    In April 2022, the Canadian Public Health Association and the Canadian Substance Use Resource and Knowledge Exchange Centre (SURE) presented a panel discussion entitled ‘Beyond Stigma’. The webinar centered around the Subject Matter Health Research Lab’s 2022 animated video ‘Beyond Stigma’, and featured a conversation with some of the videos creators on the realities and impacts of opioid related stigma, and ways that we can move beyond it. This summary page provides an overview of the webinar including the key discussion points, quotes from panelists, and recommendations for ways you can reduce stigma.