Sure - Canadian Substance Use Resource and Knowledge Exchange Centre

There is a growing demand for harm reduction information by all types of organizations that provide services to people who use drugs in Canada. This toolkit provides foundational information on harm reduction for service providers working with people who use drugs (including support workers, outreach workers, nurses and workers with lived and living experience). The toolkit is free to access and is available to anyone to use or share for personal learning, organizational trainings and/or other capacity-building efforts.

The toolkit contains four units that can be accessed individually or completed together for a more comprehensive overview of harm reduction fundamentals. Organizations and individual learners can decide which parts of the toolkit are most appropriate for them. Each unit should take approximately one hour to complete; however, there will be variability depending on the unit and the level of engagement with content, videos, reflection questions and external links. CATIE suggests setting aside four hours total if you plan to complete all four units.