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When you speak openly about stigma and substance use, when you encourage a compassionate approach to people's substance use health, when Person-First Language stops the focus on the substances and changes it to the people. People join you, people stand beside you. Recorded live on Monday, April 12, 2021, this side event at the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs provided an opportunity to hear from panelists on their perspectives related to challenges for police service members and their families seeking treatment services and aimed to initiate discussions around creating equitable access.

- Gord Garner, CAPSA Canada

Panelists & Guests:
- Jennifer Saxe, Director General, Controlled Substances Directorate, Health Canada (Canada)
- Police Chief Peter Muyshondt (Antwerp, Belgium) – via pre-recorded video
- Retired Lieutenant Diane Goldstein (California, USA) - Sergeant Joe Brownrigg (Ottawa, Canada)
- Former Police Officer Suzanne Sharkey (Northumbria, U.K.)
- Diane Steber Buechli, Federal Department of Home Affairs (Switzerland)