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Stories of Stigma is a three-part video series co-created with patient partners featuring the stories and voices of three people with mental health and substance use disorders. Through these personal stories of how stigma impacted each person's healthcare experience and outcomes, we can learn, understand and improve the care we provide.

This video is Part 1: Stigma.


This video is Part 2: Standing in the Gap


This video is Part 3: Overcoming and Healing

Dialogue Companion

The “Stories of Stigma” Dialogue Companion for the UNITE video series was created to stimulate individual and group reflection after viewing each video. Dialogue calls us to explore questions together and build relationships, rather than share information and solve problems. Through dialogue, we have the power to foster an environment where stigma and shame does not have the chance to grow, where diversity is celebrated, and where change unfolds.

See how the Dialogue Companion can help you to facilitate people coming together in a spirit of openness and curiosity.