Sure - Canadian Substance Use Resource and Knowledge Exchange Centre

This toolkit is intended for people who use drugs and their health care providers. A glossary of terms used throughout the document can be found on the next page. Following this, the first section of the toolkit provides information about safer supply and offers health care providers resources for navigating their own safer supply practices. The second section contains resources and tools for self-advocacy for people who use drugs, particularly in medicalized settings. The third section includes a non-exhaustive directory of safer supply, OAT, and harm reduction services by region that people who use drugs can access.

This toolkit was developed by the collaborative People Who Use Drugs Working Group - Action for Safer Supply - as part of the National Safer Supply Community of Practice (NSS-CoP). This toolkit was adapted by Safer Opioid Supply Advocacy Tool Kit put together by staff and stakeholders from Street Health and Parkdale Queen West CHC in Toronto, Ontario. Action for Safer Supply aims to expand access to safer supply for people who use drugs across the country. It also strives to ensure people who use drugs are justly included in programming, practices, and guidelines concerning safer supply.