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Stigma impacts all aspects of treatment for people living with opioid use disorder*. This animated video was created to explore the compounding effects of colonialism and institutional racism on the experience of stigma for Indigenous peoples with opioid use disorder. It addresses how stigma is experienced differently by everyone, and how we can work together to nurture circles of care and move beyond stigma. The project  was informed by lived experiences and in partnership with clinicians and academics. This video was endorsed and disseminated widely to both national and international audiences.

Captions available in Inuktitut [English (Ireland)], Mi’kmaq [English (United States)], English, and French

*Note from the SURE Team: The use of the term 'opioid use disorder' in the Beyond Stigma video is context-specific. It is important to acknowledge that the majority of people who use substances do not have a substance use disorder. For more information on this distinction, please refer to the resource Communicating about Substance Use in Compassionate, Safe and Non-Stigmatizing Ways from the Public Health Agency of Canada.