Sure - Canadian Substance Use Resource and Knowledge Exchange Centre

To bridge the harm reduction gaps experienced by this population, a growing number of managed alcohol programs (MAPs) have been established in many communities across Canada. Managed alcohol programs are an evidence-based harm reduction intervention that incorporates managed provision of alcohol as a key component of an integrated program which includes a range of vital healthcare and psychosocial services—such as housing, nutritional and financial support, access to medical care, and counselling— in order to ensure that safe and regulated access to alcohol does not preclude access to basic resources.

This document has been developed by a national committee of experts with the aim of providing a guiding framework for the design, implementation, and operation of MAPs. The guidance contained in this text was developed through committee consensus in direct reference to the available evidence, jurisdictional scan findings, and clinical and operational experience. The target audience for this document is policy makers, clinical and operational leads in health authorities and equivalent regional bodies, team leaders, funders, and organizations that provide substance use disorder care, including harm reduction and housing services and supports.