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This consensus statement is the first step toward a better understanding of the role of nurses in SCS. There is immense responsibility on nurses in this setting, as the majority of people who access SCS face many barriers in accessing other health and social services, even when their need for those services may be critical. For these reasons, it is essential to better prepare nurses for these realities. The authors hope that this first international consensus statement can serve as a foundation to guide practice, policy, research, and operational decisions in SCS.

Authors: Marilou Gagnon, Tim Gauthier, Elena Adán, Andy Bänninger, Luc Cormier, Jennifer Kathleen Gregg, Sara Gill, Kirsten Horsburgh, Peter Kreutzmann, Julie Latimer, Gurvan Le Bourhis, Christina Livgard, Derek Parker, Tori Reiremo, Erin Telegdi, Teresa Thorner & Marguerite White

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