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This resource addresses the issues of fathering and masculinities in the context of reducing or eliminating tobacco use. It uses a gendered approach to the population of male smokers and builds a positive view of fathers as caregivers in the process. The program has a version developed with Indigenous men, building in culture and gender into reducing tobacco use. Both of these programs are gender transformative as they aim to change gender roles while reducing tobacco use

Dads in Gear (DIG) is a novel, evidence-based group program that enables men to gain the strength, motivation and tools they need to stop smoking and build healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families. In addition to smoking cessation strategies, the program includes fathering knowledge and skills, and physical activity to support cessation.  Oriented to men’s preferences for autonomy, self-management, and peer support, the program is activity-based and uses an interactive, strength-based approach. Trained male facilitators deliver the 8 week DIG program using a detailed program manual and online resources