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Find foundational resources that will support the implementation of a public health approach to substance use. Public health practice is an approach to maintaining and improving the health of populations based on the principles of social justice, attention to human rights and equity, evidence-informed policy and practice, and addressing the underlying determinants of health. While current approaches to substance use in Canada vary by substance, geography, social position, and many other factors, the persistence of health and social harms for people who use substances demonstrates the need for an integrated approach to substance use policies and programs that upholds the core principles of public health. A public health approach recognizes that there must be a parallel continuum of evidence-based, trauma- and violence-informed approaches, strategies, programs, and services that respect the dignity of people who use substances, reduce stigma, and do not cause harm. This approach recognizes that substance use exists on a spectrum which includes both risks and benefits. The primary objective of a public health approach to substance use is to protect and promote the health, wellness, rights, and safety of people who use substances.

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